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Calendar Photo Contest

Chessie Federal Credit Union is now accepting entries for its 2025 calendar photo contest. All interested photographers are invited to submit up to 10 of their best photos taken in Allegany or Garrett County, MD or Mineral or Taylor County, WV.

Entry deadline: September 20, 2024

How to enter
Read through the entry instructions. The Chessie Federal Credit Union Calendar Photo Contest entry process is paperless. All images can be submitted by emailing the photo to [email protected]. There are no photo categories; however, seasonal and holiday-themed photos are encouraged.

Who may enter
The photo contest is open to everyone. Each photographer may enter up to 10 photographs, but only 1 photograph per photographer may win. Photographers may only submit their own photographs. There is no fee to enter the contest.

Photo requirements
All submitted photos must be taken within Allegany or Garrett County, MD or Mineral or Taylor County, WV.
Photo must have been taken in the year 2023 or 2024.
We ask that you do not include people or pets.
Avoid adding effects such as heavy filters, text overlays and graphics (photographer treatments and logos are acceptable).
Only submit a photo that you own the rights to and took yourself.
Horizontal or “landscape” images only.
Photos must be shot in the highest, uncompressed resolution possible.
Photo dimension must be at least 12” wide x 9” high x 300 dpi (3600w x 2700h pixels) or larger.
Max file size is 20 megabytes per photo.
Do not add text, watermarks, date, logos, names, etc. to photographs.
Photo release form must be filled out and submitted with the photo.

Photo descriptions and filenames
DO NOT use generic filenames (such as IMG_1260.jpg). Original (camera) filenames are not acceptable. Photos submitted with camera filenames may be disqualified.
Description must match photo.
Filename format must include the season: [season]-[lastname]-[photo#]-[location].jpg
Correct example: summer-jones-1-grafton

Judging takes place the week after the submission deadline. Members of Chessie’s management team will consider all the qualified photographs and select 13 winners – one for each month and one for the calendar cover.

Winners will receive $50 cash and publicity in the 4,000+ calendars that will be distributed and via press releases. Winners will be notified by phone and/or email after judging has been completed. Winner’s names are published in the calendar. For questions or more information, email [email protected].

Calendar Photo Release Form

Letter from Yount, Hyde, and Barbour, P.C. (YHB)

Yount, Hyde, and Barbour, P.C. (YHB), Chessie’s external auditors, recently sent out their annual verification letters to our members.  The account verifications are as of September 30, 2023 and there are two types of letters being sent.

Positive verifications – These require a response; the member either checks the box next to “My information is not correct” and explains what is not correct in the space provided or the check the box next to “My information is correct”.  In either case, they sign and mail the letter back to YHB at the address provided.

Negative verifications – These do not require a response; the member only needs to return the letter to YHB if any information is incorrect. In that case, they describe the information that is incorrect, sign and return the letter to the address provided.

Here is an example of the letter.


Identity Theft Help

Is someone using your personal or financial information to make purchases, get benefits, file taxes, or commit fraud? That’s identity theft. Visit to report identity theft and get a personal recovery plan.

The site provides detailed advice to help you fix problems caused by identity theft, along with the ability to:

  • get a personal recovery plan that walks you through each step
  • update your plan and track your progress
  • print pre-filled letters and forms to send to credit bureaus, businesses, and debt collectors

Go to and click “Get Started.” There’s detailed advice for tax, medical, and child identity theft - plus over thirty other types of identity theft.


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