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Chessie's Frequently Asked Questions...


What are the wire instructions for Chessie FCU?



Vizo Financial Corporate CU
1201 Fulling Mill Road
Middletown, PA 17057-3111
ABA# 231-387-550


Chessie FCU
15 Commerce Drive
Cumberland, Md. 21502
Account # 252-177-150-10100


Member's Name
Member's Address
Member's Account #
Checking or Savings 


Institution’s Name & Address
ABA Routing #
Beneficiary’s Name & Physical Address
Account # & Instructions
How Much you are sending
Where do we take the fee from
Phone # for person sending the wire

What is Chessie’s routing number?


How do I find shared branching/co-op information?

Right here

What is my account suffix?

At Chessie, a ‘6’ is the suffix for a checking account. A ‘0’ would be a suffix for a savings account.
You will need this suffix when wanting to transfer money between accounts in Homebanking.

Does Chessie offer notary services?

Yes! There are currently notaries that work at every branch at Chessie. We provide free notary services for members at all of the branches.

How do I set up Homebanking alerts?

When in Homebanking, click on the three little dots next to the balance on the account you want Homebanking alerts on. Select “create alert” and then choose the alert you want and how you want to receive it.

Why can’t I see my Visa payment in Homebanking as soon as I do the transfer?

We are a batch transfer Credit Union and it takes 3-4 days to turn around a Visa Payment.

I have forgotten my pin; how do I find it?

You can reset your Debit/ATM card pin by calling 800-757-9848.
You can reset your VISA card pin by calling 888-886-0083.

Can I use the mobile app overseas?

Our Mobile App is able to be used overseas, but it is only available for download in the US or in US territories.
If traveling overseas, download the app before you go! Happy traveling!




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