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Have a question or comment? Please let us know. Our mission is to provide personal financial services to our membership in an efficient, friendly and convenient manner — and that includes quickly answering your questions.

Chessie Federal Credit Union Corporate Office  301-777-1781
Grafton Branch  304-265-0766
Keyser Branch   304-788-0161
Frostburg Branch 301-689-6200
UPMC Western Maryland Branch 301-777-1302

24-hour phone services

  • Debit Card activate-set or reset pin- 800-757-9848
  • Visa Platinum Credit Card Lost or Stolen Credit Cards 1-866-820-5854
  • Visa Platinum Credit Card Member Service/Fraud   1-866-820-5854
  • Visa Platinum Credit Card Activation - 800-527-7728
  • Visa Platinum Credit Card Pin set or reset-888-886-0083
  • Gift Card Activation/Support- 1-866-902-6082
  • Billpayer member support 301-777-1781 press 4
  • Debit/ATM Cards Member Service 301-777-1781 press 6
  • Uchoose Rewards   1-855-284-2126
  • CURewards  1-800-637-7728
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