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Get paid $150.00 to refinance your current auto loan from another financial institution!
Bring your current auto loan from another lender to receive the $150.00 bonus!
Apply online https://www.chessiefcu.org/e-services/applications/
Apply via LoanPhone 800-648-0254 speak to a Chessie Representative or in person at a branch location.


Introducing First Time Home Buyers Program!

This special mortgage is designed to assist members who wish to realize the dream of owning their first home. Member who have not owned a home in the past are eligible for our First Time Home Buyers Program.

Qualifications are:
Must be a first time home buyer
No construction loans
Must be able to show 2 months reserves after the closing
Minimum credit score of 660

For more information on this program contact us at 301-777-1781 or 800-437-1057 extensions 1117, 1130, 1135, 1140, 1149