CU Service Center

As a credit union member, you can enjoy the convenience of more locations through a unique network of shared branches across the nation. Chessie participates in a network of shared branches called CU Service Centers.

Just look for the “swirl” at over 3,000 Cu Service Centers across the country where you live, work and travel. CU Service Center

When you see this logo look for the following services:

Deposits, Withdrawals, Loan Payments, Cash Advances, Transfers, Balance Inquiries, Travelers Cheques, Money Orders and Official Checks.

Important Information

To access your account at CU Service Centers, you will need these items:

  1. City and State of Chessie Federal Credit Union, which is Cumberland, Maryland
  2. Your account number
  3. A valid U.S./State government issued picture identification with signature

Check Holds

Some checks maybe subject to a hold.

Same day availability must be computer generated payroll check, with the word “payroll” printed on the check, or paycheck stub can be presented.

All payroll checks over $2500.00 will be held according to the local or non-local checks.

Handwritten payroll checks local or non-local will be subject to a hold.

If you have any questions please call 1-800-437-1057

Find a CU Service Center and ATM nearest you   or text zip code to 91989

Phone CU Service Center at 888-748-3266