Club Accounts

Club Accounts

Christmas and Vacation Club

These accounts are designed for the member who wants to save their money for Christmas or that special vacation. The member can make deposits a number of ways: direct deposit, payroll deduction, by mail or in person. The vacation club can be withdrawn at anytime, but the Christmas club can only be issued in September. The credit union will send you a check in the mail or transfer the funds to your savings or checking account.

Moola Moola Club a savings club for kids

Moola Moola and his Money Minder friends lead children 13 years and under through the world of money and saving. This account promotes valuable saving practices. For each $25 deposit the youth receives a prize.  Children under the age of 18 cannot withdraw from share accounts unless given written permission to withdraw from a parent or guardian. *The intent of the credit union is not to collect information from individuals under the age of 13*

The information collected to open the Moola Moola Club account for a minor is not shared with any third parties. Refer to Privacy Notices.