CardValet-Debit Cards Only

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Fight fraud with debit card alerts from CardValet®.
CardValet helps you protect yourself against fraud, customize alerts for your transactions, and see suspicious transaction activity.
Turn your Chessie debit card on and off—when the card is Off, no purchases or withdrawals are approved except for previously-scheduled recurring payments.

Set a card-usage location boundary.
Restrict card activity to a 5-mile radius of the cardholder’s current location.
Restrict transactions to specific merchants and transaction types and set spending limits for transactions.
Schedule alerts for each time the card is used, a transaction is attempted but declined, or when a transaction exceeds any of the permitted use policies.
Add other Chessie visa debit cards and much more

Set and remove spending limits.
Get purchase alerts in real time.
Limit transactions to a certain area using your phone’s GPS.

Travel with peace of mind no matter where you go. CardValet® allows you to set and receive alerts, control when and how your debit card is used and monitor transactions – all from your mobile device.

**Note: CardValet is a phone application to use on your iPhone, Android and Ipad.

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